genealogy of the Ryans of Penarth, Wales
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 Elusive People

Thomas Alfred Roddy b 1870 Weymouth, England, UK

A family tradition says he came from Russia, assumed this name on arrival in the UK. Does anyone have any information? Thomas Alfred Roddy married Annie Millard, a first cousin to the Penarth Ryans: Milly, Cass, Jane, Nell, Eddie and Jack Ryan. [9/10/12]
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What is the correct name of Totsy Thomas?

- daughter of William Thomas (1847-) and Bessie Williams (1858-) [L.Ryan 1/24/2010]

 Mystery Photos

Emma Louise Ryan

Found this photo on the net: She MUST be a member of the family but no idea who her parents are! Please contact us if you know who this beautiful child belongs to.
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Ryan Reunion 2000 Missing Family Members to be Identified

Many family members have been identified in this picture [mouse-over the picture to see their names], however we still have a number of family to be identified. If you recognize any, please let us know [via Comments] so that we can update the picture.
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Mystery Man

Robert Ryan sent me this photo of a very dapper young man complete with white bow tie. It's on a glass plate. Robert does not know who it is but he must be a Ryan or family member! The architecture looks like Salop Place, Penarth- particularly as there appears to be a 90 degree turn in the road. 5 Salop Place is at the end of a row and the next row starts at right angles.