genealogy of the Ryans of Penarth, Wales
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California, USA


Tree: Penarth Ryans
State/Province : Latitude: 36.778261, Longitude: -119.4179324


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clifford, Esther  1912California, USA I6924 Penarth Ryans 
2 Clifford, James William Jr  1910California, USA I6923 Penarth Ryans 
3 Dane, Helen Doris  1 Apr 1906California, USA I2259 Penarth Ryans 
4 Foster, Bertha  1887California, USA I2383 Penarth Ryans 
5 Gundry, Annie Elizabeth  Mar 1859California, USA I6587 Penarth Ryans 
6 Jeffery, Charles L  Dec 1897California, USA I2391 Penarth Ryans 
7 Martin, Alfred Leonard  8 Oct 1896California, USA I5610 Penarth Ryans 
8 Shepler, Evelyn Teresa  1893California, USA I1536 Penarth Ryans 
9 Southcott, Laura L  1890California, USA I6520 Penarth Ryans 
10 Trelease, Herbert George  25 Jan 1891California, USA I8347 Penarth Ryans 
11 Trelease, Viola M  1 Aug 1906California, USA I8341 Penarth Ryans 
12 Treloar, Burdette Llewellyn  1910California, USA I2381 Penarth Ryans 
13 Treloar, Forest R  1906California, USA I2254 Penarth Ryans 
14 Treloar, Hubert C  1910California, USA I2255 Penarth Ryans 
15 Treloar, Irving B  17 Feb 1912California, USA I2382 Penarth Ryans 
16 Treloar, Maybell L  1886California, USA I2256 Penarth Ryans 
17 Treloar, Melvin E  1905California, USA I2257 Penarth Ryans 
18 Treloar, Raymond F  6 Nov 1909California, USA I2380 Penarth Ryans 
19 Treloar, Remington F  12 Oct 1905California, USA I2379 Penarth Ryans 
20 Williams, Elizabeth  Apr 1869California, USA I2415 Penarth Ryans 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Besemer, Mary Lou Mahan  1995California, USA I6152 Penarth Ryans 
2 Clifford, Nevada Armenia  1947California, USA I6922 Penarth Ryans 
3 Lee, Elizabeth  8 Nov 1936California, USA I2233 Penarth Ryans 
4 Ludt, Mary J  29 Sep 1914California, USA I8264 Penarth Ryans 
5 Philips, Mary Helen  2010California, USA I3886 Penarth Ryans 
6 Philips, Neil Knowelden  1993California, USA I3887 Penarth Ryans 
7 Stogsdill, Jennie S  17 Dec 1944California, USA I6455 Penarth Ryans 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID   Tree 
1 Werry, Idaho  20 Sep 1929California, USA I1279 Penarth Ryans