genealogy of the Ryans of Penarth, Wales
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Penarth, Wales, UK


Tree: Penarth Ryans
City/Town : Latitude: 51.4362071, Longitude: -3.1756013


Penarth Esplanade ca. 1910-20
Penarth Esplanade ca. 1910-20
Found this fascinating glipse of Edwardian Penarth - the esplanade as it was in the decade 1910-20. The pier was built in 1894/5 and I can easily image the young Ryan family - now in the care of grandparents Jane and Sam Thomas being quite awe-struck seeing this structure stretching into the Bristol Channel and the pleasure steamers collecting passengers for day trips to Ilfracombe or Western-Super-Mare.

The colours and tints were probably added by hand in those days
Ryan Reunion 2000, Penarth, Wales
Ryan Reunion 2000, Penarth, Wales
Family as they enter the restaurant for the last meal of the reunion on July 16, 2000. From the Penarth Times, July 27, 2000.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bonter, Ilene  Mar 1911Penarth, Wales, UK I475 Penarth Ryans 
2 Bonter, John  Mar 1911Penarth, Wales, UK I770 Penarth Ryans 
3 Bowen, Amelia Frances Annie  1890Penarth, Wales, UK I288 Penarth Ryans 
4 Bowen, Arthur James  24 Apr 1887Penarth, Wales, UK I152 Penarth Ryans 
5 Bowen, Beatrice Emily  2 Jul 1895Penarth, Wales, UK I154 Penarth Ryans 
6 Bowen, Dorothy Jane  1892Penarth, Wales, UK I153 Penarth Ryans 
7 Bowen, Isaac  31 Aug 1900Penarth, Wales, UK I282 Penarth Ryans 
8 Bowen, John  1866Penarth, Wales, UK I283 Penarth Ryans 
9 Bowen, Peter  10 Aug 1926Penarth, Wales, UK I403 Penarth Ryans 
10 Bowen, Ralph  19 Jul 1893Penarth, Wales, UK I151 Penarth Ryans 
11 Bowen, Samuel John Tonkin  1886Penarth, Wales, UK I287 Penarth Ryans 
12 Bradley, James Patrick  1964Penarth, Wales, UK I74 Penarth Ryans 
13 Chick, Charles Frederick  Sep 1905Penarth, Wales, UK I5475 Penarth Ryans 
14 Chick, Donald K  Sep 1914Penarth, Wales, UK I5479 Penarth Ryans 
15 Chick, Esther L  Mar 1912Penarth, Wales, UK I5478 Penarth Ryans 
16 Chick, Peter Derek  29 May 1929Penarth, Wales, UK I5502 Penarth Ryans 
17 Chick, Phyllis Emily Irene  10 Nov 1909Penarth, Wales, UK I5477 Penarth Ryans 
18 Chick, Robert Douglas  1918Penarth, Wales, UK I5480 Penarth Ryans 
19 Chick, Samuel  20 Jul 1883Penarth, Wales, UK I5474 Penarth Ryans 
20 Chick, Samuel  17 Jul 1907Penarth, Wales, UK I5476 Penarth Ryans 
21 Cox, Brian O.  1941Penarth, Wales, UK I306 Penarth Ryans 
22 Creedon, Betty  1920Penarth, Wales, UK I318 Penarth Ryans 
23 Creedon, Dorothy  Jun 1926Penarth, Wales, UK I578 Penarth Ryans 
24 Creedon, Edward J  23 Jun 1914Penarth, Wales, UK I317 Penarth Ryans 
25 Creedon, Muriel L  1912Penarth, Wales, UK I316 Penarth Ryans 
26 Crowley, John P  1919Penarth, Wales, UK I827 Penarth Ryans 
27 Davies, Jacob  4 Jun 2008Penarth, Wales, UK I2519 Penarth Ryans 
28 Davies, Joshua  26 Jun 2007Penarth, Wales, UK I2518 Penarth Ryans 
29 Hayes, Edward Thomas  1889Penarth, Wales, UK I7642 Penarth Ryans 
30 Hayes, Emily Catherine  1884Penarth, Wales, UK I145 Penarth Ryans 
31 Hayes, Gladys  1886Penarth, Wales, UK I80 Penarth Ryans 
32 Hayes, John  1889Penarth, Wales, UK I143 Penarth Ryans 
33 Hayes, Mary Ellen  1890Penarth, Wales, UK I7643 Penarth Ryans 
34 Hogan, Kathleen Ethel  1910Penarth, Wales, UK I295 Penarth Ryans 
35 Hogan, Phyllis Doreen  3 Jun 1902Penarth, Wales, UK I296 Penarth Ryans 
36 Jenkins, Edwin John  1906Penarth, Wales, UK I469 Penarth Ryans 
37 Jenkins, Evelyn  1911Penarth, Wales, UK I471 Penarth Ryans 
38 Jenkins, Gwendoline Mary  Dec 1907Penarth, Wales, UK I470 Penarth Ryans 
39 Jenkins, Sybil Eunice  20 Mar 1904Penarth, Wales, UK I468 Penarth Ryans 
40 Jenkins, William John  10 Jul 1880Penarth, Wales, UK I297 Penarth Ryans 
41 Millard, Annie Elizabeth  Dec 1875Penarth, Wales, UK I156 Penarth Ryans 
42 Millard, Edwin A  1915Penarth, Wales, UK I393 Penarth Ryans 
43 Millard, Ethel Mary  1879Penarth, Wales, UK I289 Penarth Ryans 
44 Millard, Maud Gwendoline  1881Penarth, Wales, UK I290 Penarth Ryans 
45 Millard, Samuel Joseph  1885Penarth, Wales, UK I299 Penarth Ryans 
46 Rees, Mary Jane  1873Penarth, Wales, UK I6195 Penarth Ryans 
47 Rees, Susannah  1875Penarth, Wales, UK I6194 Penarth Ryans 
48 Rees Greatrex, Susanna  1875Penarth, Wales, UK I147 Penarth Ryans 
49 Roddy, Ethel Gwendoline  17 Sep 1902Penarth, Wales, UK I467 Penarth Ryans 
50 Roddy, Thomas Baden  1900Penarth, Wales, UK I442 Penarth Ryans 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Lilian Dot  1974Penarth, Wales, UK I300 Penarth Ryans 
2 Bonter, Ernest Hugh  1920Penarth, Wales, UK I391 Penarth Ryans 
3 Bonter, Ilene  Sept 1911Penarth, Wales, UK I475 Penarth Ryans 
4 Bonter, John  1911Penarth, Wales, UK I770 Penarth Ryans 
5 Bowen, Beatrice Emily  Mar 1975Penarth, Wales, UK I154 Penarth Ryans 
6 Bowen, John  1915Penarth, Wales, UK I283 Penarth Ryans 
7 Bowen, Samuel John Tonkin  Oct 1903Penarth, Wales, UK I287 Penarth Ryans 
8 Bradley, James Patrick  1964Penarth, Wales, UK I74 Penarth Ryans 
9 Chick, Charles  13 Aug 1935Penarth, Wales, UK I6188 Penarth Ryans 
10 Chick, Phyllis Emily Irene  Jan 1992Penarth, Wales, UK I5477 Penarth Ryans 
11 Chick, Samuel  18 Feb 1952Penarth, Wales, UK I5474 Penarth Ryans 
12 Cottrell, Eunice Caroline  1998Penarth, Wales, UK I6990 Penarth Ryans 
13 Creedon, Albert Bertram  Dec 1941Penarth, Wales, UK I315 Penarth Ryans 
14 Creedon, Betty  1943Penarth, Wales, UK I318 Penarth Ryans 
15 Creedon, Dorothy  Jun 1926Penarth, Wales, UK I578 Penarth Ryans 
16 Creedon, Edward J  Jun 1972Penarth, Wales, UK I317 Penarth Ryans 
17 Curtis, Patrick Cambrai  1996Penarth, Wales, UK I5512 Penarth Ryans 
18 Denning, Monica Mary  Dec 1958Penarth, Wales, UK I175 Penarth Ryans 
19 Dibble, Edith Lilian  Jul 1985Penarth, Wales, UK I5456 Penarth Ryans 
20 Dibble, Emma  1 Nov 1957Penarth, Wales, UK I5447 Penarth Ryans 
21 Dibble, Louisa Ann  1969Penarth, Wales, UK I61 Penarth Ryans 
22 Dibble, Robert  Mar 1951Penarth, Wales, UK I5450 Penarth Ryans 
23 Dibble, Ronald David  1991Penarth, Wales, UK I5482 Penarth Ryans 
24 Dibble, Thomas James  Mar 1966Penarth, Wales, UK I5458 Penarth Ryans 
25 Eley, Elizabeth Maud  1935Penarth, Wales, UK I679 Penarth Ryans 
26 Evans, Sophia  1957Penarth, Wales, UK I6492 Penarth Ryans 
27 Flynn, Albert Ernest  1982Penarth, Wales, UK I3982 Penarth Ryans 
28 Foot, Sarah Elizabeth  Dec 1978Penarth, Wales, UK I5452 Penarth Ryans 
29 Greatrex, Richard  12 Aug 1901Penarth, Wales, UK I7924 Penarth Ryans 
30 Hopkin, William Edward  1953Penarth, Wales, UK I7400 Penarth Ryans 
31 Jenkins, Evelyn  Jun 1913Penarth, Wales, UK I471 Penarth Ryans 
32 Jones, Margaret  19 Jun 1984Penarth, Wales, UK I192 Penarth Ryans 
33 Male, Esther Ann  1912Penarth, Wales, UK I6189 Penarth Ryans 
34 Massey, Florence P  Jun 1968Penarth, Wales, UK I5517 Penarth Ryans 
35 Michell, Jane  1902Penarth, Wales, UK I37 Penarth Ryans 
36 Millard, Annie Elizabeth  1949Penarth, Wales, UK I156 Penarth Ryans 
37 Millard, Joan  1989Penarth, Wales, UK I301 Penarth Ryans 
38 Miller, Alan Roy  1996Penarth, Wales, UK I5514 Penarth Ryans 
39 Morgan, Beatrice May  1968Penarth, Wales, UK I7401 Penarth Ryans 
40 Ryan, Albert Sidney (Sid)  4 Aug 1982Penarth, Wales, UK I63 Penarth Ryans 
41 Ryan, Amelia Jane (Milly)  1992Penarth, Wales, UK I64 Penarth Ryans 
42 Ryan, Edward (Eddie)  1949Penarth, Wales, UK I52 Penarth Ryans 
43 Ryan, Glyn  19 Jun 1994Penarth, Wales, UK I130 Penarth Ryans 
44 Ryan, Jack  1983Penarth, Wales, UK I128 Penarth Ryans 
45 Ryan, Jean  1923Penarth, Wales, UK I276 Penarth Ryans 
46 Ryan, John (Jack)  27 Feb 1969Penarth, Wales, UK I54 Penarth Ryans 
47 Storey, Sina Sabina  Nov 1994Penarth, Wales, UK I5645 Penarth Ryans 
48 Thomas, Annie  1931Penarth, Wales, UK I43 Penarth Ryans 
49 Thomas, Cyril Chatterton  1971Penarth, Wales, UK I459 Penarth Ryans 
50 Thomas, Elizabeth Jane  Sept 1881Penarth, Wales, UK I381 Penarth Ryans 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigrated    Person ID   Tree 
1 Boyles, Thomas Henry E  Abt 1895Penarth, Wales, UK I157 Penarth Ryans 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ryan, Amelia [Milly]  1890Penarth, Wales, UK I55 Penarth Ryans 
2 Ryan, Joseph  2014Penarth, Wales, UK I132 Penarth Ryans 
3 Thomas, Elizabeth Jane  1909Penarth, Wales, UK I447 Penarth Ryans 
4 Thomas, Mollie  1909Penarth, Wales, UK I6489 Penarth Ryans 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowen, Arthur James  1911Penarth, Wales, UK I152 Penarth Ryans 
2 Bowen, John  1901Penarth, Wales, UK I283 Penarth Ryans 
3 Chick, Charles  1883Penarth, Wales, UK I6188 Penarth Ryans 
4 Cosslett, Edgar Stanley  1911Penarth, Wales, UK I5485 Penarth Ryans 
5 Dibble, Michael John  1911Penarth, Wales, UK I5448 Penarth Ryans 
6 Hayes, Thomas  1881Penarth, Wales, UK I7638 Penarth Ryans 
7 Hogan, Alfred  1911Penarth, Wales, UK I294 Penarth Ryans 
8 Millard, Edwin Henry  1881Penarth, Wales, UK I155 Penarth Ryans 
9 Millard, Edwin Henry  1901Penarth, Wales, UK I155 Penarth Ryans 
10 Millard, Maud Gwendoline  1901Penarth, Wales, UK I290 Penarth Ryans 
11 Millard, Samuel Joseph  1901Penarth, Wales, UK I299 Penarth Ryans 
12 Millard, Samuel Joseph  1911Penarth, Wales, UK I299 Penarth Ryans 
13 O'Keeffe, Hannah  1901Penarth, Wales, UK I385 Penarth Ryans 
14 Roddy, Thomas Alfred  1911Penarth, Wales, UK I291 Penarth Ryans 
15 Ryan, Albert Sidney (Sid)  1939Penarth, Wales, UK I63 Penarth Ryans 
16 Ryan, Catherine [Cassie]  1901Penarth, Wales, UK I35 Penarth Ryans 
17 Ryan, Edward (Eddie)  1901Penarth, Wales, UK I52 Penarth Ryans 
18 Ryan, Edward (Eddie)  1911Penarth, Wales, UK I52 Penarth Ryans 
19 Ryan, John (Jack)  1901Penarth, Wales, UK I54 Penarth Ryans 
20 Thomas, Jane  1871Penarth, Wales, UK I44 Penarth Ryans 
21 Thomas, Samuel  1871Penarth, Wales, UK I36 Penarth Ryans 
22 Thomas, Samuel  1881Penarth, Wales, UK I38 Penarth Ryans 
23 Thomas, Samuel  1881Penarth, Wales, UK I36 Penarth Ryans 
24 Thomas, Samuel  1891Penarth, Wales, UK I36 Penarth Ryans 
25 Thomas, Sarah Louisa  1901Penarth, Wales, UK I379 Penarth Ryans 
26 Thomas, William  1871Penarth, Wales, UK I40 Penarth Ryans 
27 Thomas, William  1911Penarth, Wales, UK I40 Penarth Ryans 
28 Watts, Albert Edward  1911Penarth, Wales, UK I6491 Penarth Ryans 
29 Young, Charles  1881Penarth, Wales, UK I149 Penarth Ryans 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Thomas, Sarah Louisa  1911Penarth, Wales, UK I379 Penarth Ryans 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bowen / Thomas  1914Penarth, Wales, UK F99 Penarth Ryans 
2 Chick / Dibble  1905Penarth, Wales, UK F3997 Penarth Ryans 
3 Chick / O'Brien  Mar 1957Penarth, Wales, UK F4019 Penarth Ryans 
4 Creedon / Bowen  Dec 1911Penarth, Wales, UK F100 Penarth Ryans 
5 Crowley / Millard  1 Jan 1951Penarth, Wales, UK F296 Penarth Ryans 
6 Cumming / Millard  1940Penarth, Wales, UK F187 Penarth Ryans 
7 Curtis / Chick  18 Feb 1939Penarth, Wales, UK F4009 Penarth Ryans 
8 Dibble / Massey  Jun 1925Penarth, Wales, UK F4011 Penarth Ryans 
9 Greatrex / Thomas  1876Penarth, Wales, UK F34 Penarth Ryans 
10 Macdonald /   1946Penarth, Wales, UK F135 Penarth Ryans 
11 Ryan / Eley  1931Penarth, Wales, UK F232 Penarth Ryans 
12 Young / Thomas  1877Penarth, Wales, UK F35 Penarth Ryans