genealogy of the Ryans of Penarth, Wales
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Pontypridd, Wales, UK


Tree: Penarth Ryans
City/Town : Latitude: 51.6011529, Longitude: -3.349896


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abbott, Dennis F  1933Pontypridd, Wales, UK I2981 Penarth Ryans 
2 Abbott, William C  1931Pontypridd, Wales, UK I2979 Penarth Ryans 
3 Abbott, William Rosebury Peter  7 May 1895Pontypridd, Wales, UK I2834 Penarth Ryans 
4 Bowen, Ivor  1886Pontypridd, Wales, UK I864 Penarth Ryans 
5 Bowen, Lorraine G  1954Pontypridd, Wales, UK I5226 Penarth Ryans 
6 Bowen, Richard J  1955Pontypridd, Wales, UK I5227 Penarth Ryans 
7 Bowen, Sarah  1966Pontypridd, Wales, UK I407 Penarth Ryans 
8 Cleeves, Graham P  1929Pontypridd, Wales, UK I869 Penarth Ryans 
9 Floyd, Gwladys Eveline  13 May 1898Pontypridd, Wales, UK I6953 Penarth Ryans 
10 Forsey, John Charles  16 May 1938Pontypridd, Wales, UK I2989 Penarth Ryans 
11 Forsey, Thomas  21 Dec 1929Pontypridd, Wales, UK I2987 Penarth Ryans 
12 Hollister, Lillian  21 Jun 1921Pontypridd, Wales, UK I9405 Penarth Ryans 
13 James, William K  Pontypridd, Wales, UK I2066 Penarth Ryans 
14 Joyce, Angela  1974Pontypridd, Wales, UK I2060 Penarth Ryans 
15 Joyce, Doreen  1919Pontypridd, Wales, UK I862 Penarth Ryans 
16 Joyce, Gethin Rogers  1976Pontypridd, Wales, UK I2061 Penarth Ryans 
17 Joyce, Robert G  1917Pontypridd, Wales, UK I861 Penarth Ryans 
18 Joyce, Sarah Ann  1971Pontypridd, Wales, UK I2059 Penarth Ryans 
19 Lott, Terrence  9 Jun 1927Pontypridd, Wales, UK I5628 Penarth Ryans 
20 Mear, Brinley Floyd  1907Pontypridd, Wales, UK I6962 Penarth Ryans 
21 Mear, David Israel  7 Mar 1925Pontypridd, Wales, UK I6967 Penarth Ryans 
22 Mear, John  1890Pontypridd, Wales, UK I6961 Penarth Ryans 
23 Mear, Lavinia May  10 Jan 1912Pontypridd, Wales, UK I6964 Penarth Ryans 
24 Mear, Lena  26 May 1909Pontypridd, Wales, UK I6963 Penarth Ryans 
25 Mear, Nancy Louvaine  27 Apr 1916Pontypridd, Wales, UK I6965 Penarth Ryans 
26 Mear, Walter  6 Jun 1920Pontypridd, Wales, UK I6966 Penarth Ryans 
27 Neville, Olive Irene R  10 Jan 1894Pontypridd, Wales, UK I6998 Penarth Ryans 
28 Phillips, Betty  4 Jan 1918Pontypridd, Wales, UK I6969 Penarth Ryans 
29 Phillips, Eileen Mary  1920Pontypridd, Wales, UK I6970 Penarth Ryans 
30 Quinn, Kathleen  1903Pontypridd, Wales, UK I5671 Penarth Ryans 
31 Reed, Percival Charles  1933Pontypridd, Wales, UK I2976 Penarth Ryans 
32 Rodd, Nicholas John  1 Mar 1885Pontypridd, Wales, UK I6976 Penarth Ryans 
33 Stokes, Catherine  1954Pontypridd, Wales, UK I2058 Penarth Ryans 
34 Thomas, Margaret Ann  7 Dec 1876Pontypridd, Wales, UK I5455 Penarth Ryans 
35 Tucker, Ellen Robinson  12 Feb 1909Pontypridd, Wales, UK I1961 Penarth Ryans 
36 Williams, Garfield Oswald  1 Apr 1916Pontypridd, Wales, UK I6959 Penarth Ryans 
37 Williams, Mary Lavinia  4 Jan 1921Pontypridd, Wales, UK I6960 Penarth Ryans 
38 Wooten, Israel Redvers Gerald  1900Pontypridd, Wales, UK I6955 Penarth Ryans 
39 Wootten, Paul James  1877Pontypridd, Wales, UK I6954 Penarth Ryans 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Floyd / Edwards  Jul 1877Pontypridd, Wales, UK F4430 Penarth Ryans 
2 Forsey / Reed  1923Pontypridd, Wales, UK F804 Penarth Ryans 
3 Fortt / Reed  1925Pontypridd, Wales, UK F805 Penarth Ryans 
4 Goslin / Thomas  Oct 1894Pontypridd, Wales, UK F572 Penarth Ryans 
5 Goslin / Tucker  1956Pontypridd, Wales, UK F573 Penarth Ryans 
6 Rawlings / Floyd  1903Pontypridd, Wales, UK F4432 Penarth Ryans 
7 Reed / Chitty  1928Pontypridd, Wales, UK F802 Penarth Ryans 
8 Rodd / Floyd  1879Pontypridd, Wales, UK F4436 Penarth Ryans