genealogy of the Ryans of Penarth, Wales
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Penzance, Cornwall, UK


Tree: Penarth Ryans
City/Town : Latitude: 50.1185958, Longitude: -5.5371509


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dunn, Bertha Trevithick  1902Penzance, Cornwall, UK I7293 Penarth Ryans 
2 Dunn, Frederick  1906Penzance, Cornwall, UK I7294 Penarth Ryans 
3 Dunn, Percy  1908Penzance, Cornwall, UK I7295 Penarth Ryans 
4 Lugg, Dennis G  1923Penzance, Cornwall, UK I6646 Penarth Ryans 
5 Pearce, Mary Ethel  11 Jun 1892Penzance, Cornwall, UK I7300 Penarth Ryans 
6 Reynolds, Annie Doreen  4 Aug 1916Penzance, Cornwall, UK I7301 Penarth Ryans 
7 Reynolds, Joseph John  1865Penzance, Cornwall, UK I7296 Penarth Ryans 
8 Thomas, female infant  30 Mar 1851Penzance, Cornwall, UK I5843 Penarth Ryans 
9 Trevaskis, Elizabeth Mary  24 May 1933Penzance, Cornwall, UK I2033 Penarth Ryans 
10 Trewhella, Vera  1914Penzance, Cornwall, UK I6897 Penarth Ryans 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andrewartha, Mary  1905Penzance, Cornwall, UK I4567 Penarth Ryans 
2 Dunn, Alfred Charles  1960Penzance, Cornwall, UK I7292 Penarth Ryans 
3 Ede, Rebecca  1902Penzance, Cornwall, UK I5115 Penarth Ryans 
4 Freeman, Matthew Gyles  Mar 1979Penzance, Cornwall, UK I6639 Penarth Ryans 
5 Hendra, Mary Caroline  1949Penzance, Cornwall, UK I6879 Penarth Ryans 
6 Hodge, Iris Tonkin  1990Penzance, Cornwall, UK I8916 Penarth Ryans 
7 Hodge, Joseph Ernest  1948Penzance, Cornwall, UK I8915 Penarth Ryans 
8 Johns, George  Jan 1915Penzance, Cornwall, UK I7107 Penarth Ryans 
9 Johns, Nanny Leggo  1950Penzance, Cornwall, UK I7110 Penarth Ryans 
10 Leggo, Richard  Jan 1876Penzance, Cornwall, UK I6154 Penarth Ryans 
11 Lugg, Dennis G  1993Penzance, Cornwall, UK I6646 Penarth Ryans 
12 Lugg, Matthew Gyles  Mar 1932Penzance, Cornwall, UK I6561 Penarth Ryans 
13 Lugg, Matthew Gyles  Jun 1951Penzance, Cornwall, UK I6564 Penarth Ryans 
14 Pengelly, George  1905Penzance, Cornwall, UK I6665 Penarth Ryans 
15 Rosewarne, Frances Elizabeth  Jan 1900Penzance, Cornwall, UK I2031 Penarth Ryans 
16 Shugg, Robert  1873Penzance, Cornwall, UK I5906 Penarth Ryans 
17 Tonkin, Louisa  1975Penzance, Cornwall, UK I7851 Penarth Ryans 
18 Treloar, Florence Catherine  1992Penzance, Cornwall, UK I2299 Penarth Ryans 
19 Trevorrow, Catherine Daniel  Dec 1930Penzance, Cornwall, UK I6559 Penarth Ryans 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dunn, Alfred Charles  1911Penzance, Cornwall, UK I7292 Penarth Ryans 
2 George, William  1911Penzance, Cornwall, UK I7299 Penarth Ryans 
3 Reynolds, Joseph John  1911Penzance, Cornwall, UK I7297 Penarth Ryans 
4 Reynolds, Lloyd  1911Penzance, Cornwall, UK I7298 Penarth Ryans 
5 Thomas, John Pearce  1851Penzance, Cornwall, UK I5009 Penarth Ryans 
6 White, Mary Anne  1861Penzance, Cornwall, UK I5794 Penarth Ryans 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Reynolds, Joseph John  1901Penzance, Cornwall, UK I7297 Penarth Ryans 
2 Reynolds, Lloyd  1901Penzance, Cornwall, UK I7298 Penarth Ryans 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   Oct 20 1870Penzance, Cornwall, UK F4039 Penarth Ryans 
2 Lugg / Trevorrow  1883Penzance, Cornwall, UK F4313 Penarth Ryans 
3 Thomas / Shugg  Oct 1845Penzance, Cornwall, UK F4090 Penarth Ryans 
4 Wheare / Perry  1882Penzance, Cornwall, UK F4311 Penarth Ryans