genealogy of the Ryans of Penarth, Wales
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Illogan, Cornwall, UK


Tree: Penarth Ryans
City/Town : Latitude: 50.2480948, Longitude: -5.266716


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Butler, John Thomas  29 Apr 1864Illogan, Cornwall, UK I5211 Penarth Ryans 
2 Butler, William James  1886Illogan, Cornwall, UK I5213 Penarth Ryans 
3 Chappel, Christiana Gilbert  1819 AbtIllogan, Cornwall, UK I5737 Penarth Ryans 
4 Dunstone, Annie S  1878Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7375 Penarth Ryans 
5 Dunstone, Edith  1835Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7370 Penarth Ryans 
6 Dunstone, Eliza  1861Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7371 Penarth Ryans 
7 Dunstone, Elizabeth Jane  1876Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7374 Penarth Ryans 
8 Dunstone, John  1866Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7373 Penarth Ryans 
9 Dunstone, William Henry  1862Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7372 Penarth Ryans 
10 Eddy, Margaret  1884Illogan, Cornwall, UK I4600 Penarth Ryans 
11 Garland, Alice  1853Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7126 Penarth Ryans 
12 Gilbert, Annie  29 Feb 1864Illogan, Cornwall, UK I6351 Penarth Ryans 
13 Hampton, Albert James  1909Illogan, Cornwall, UK I4546 Penarth Ryans 
14 Hampton, Edward John  1904Illogan, Cornwall, UK I4543 Penarth Ryans 
15 Hampton, Elizabeth Annie  1906Illogan, Cornwall, UK I4544 Penarth Ryans 
16 Hampton, Elizabeth Jane  Mar 1873Illogan, Cornwall, UK I4531 Penarth Ryans 
17 Hampton, Frederick  1876Illogan, Cornwall, UK I4532 Penarth Ryans 
18 Hampton, Richard Thomas  1908Illogan, Cornwall, UK I4601 Penarth Ryans 
19 Hampton, Thomas  1883Illogan, Cornwall, UK I4535 Penarth Ryans 
20 Hampton, Thomas James  1881Illogan, Cornwall, UK I4534 Penarth Ryans 
21 Hampton, Violet May  1908Illogan, Cornwall, UK I4545 Penarth Ryans 
22 Hampton, William  1880Illogan, Cornwall, UK I4533 Penarth Ryans 
23 Hampton, William Henry  1901Illogan, Cornwall, UK I4542 Penarth Ryans 
24 Hosking, Winifred May  5 Jul 1913Illogan, Cornwall, UK I2876 Penarth Ryans 
25 Richards, Henry  1765Illogan, Cornwall, UK I3381 Penarth Ryans 
26 Trengrove, Herbert  1890Illogan, Cornwall, UK I6521 Penarth Ryans 
27 Vivan, Elizabeth  1881Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7617 Penarth Ryans 
28 Vivian, Edith  1881Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7616 Penarth Ryans 
29 Webber, Hannah Jane  1880Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7351 Penarth Ryans 
30 Webber, Matthew John  1883Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7352 Penarth Ryans 
31 Webber, William Henry  1877Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7354 Penarth Ryans 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Trevithick, Richard  12 May 1771Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7291 Penarth Ryans 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dunstone, Eliza  1881Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7371 Penarth Ryans 
2 Dunstone, Elizabeth Jane  1901Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7374 Penarth Ryans 
3 Dunstone, John  1881Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7373 Penarth Ryans 
4 Dunstone, William  1891Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7364 Penarth Ryans 
5 Dunstone, William  1901Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7364 Penarth Ryans 
6 Dunstone, William Henry  1881Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7372 Penarth Ryans 
7 Dunstone, William Henry  1891Illogan, Cornwall, UK I7372 Penarth Ryans 
8 Hampton, Charles Edwin  1911Illogan, Cornwall, UK I4599 Penarth Ryans 
9 Hampton, Edward  1881Illogan, Cornwall, UK I4363 Penarth Ryans 
10 Noall, Henry Thomas  1871Illogan, Cornwall, UK I6595 Penarth Ryans 
11 Richards, Henry  1786Illogan, Cornwall, UK I3381 Penarth Ryans 
12 Thomas, Francis  1881Illogan, Cornwall, UK I6240 Penarth Ryans 
13 Thomas, Maria Perry  1881Illogan, Cornwall, UK I6236 Penarth Ryans 
14 Thomas, Mary  1881Illogan, Cornwall, UK I6238 Penarth Ryans 
15 Thomas, Samuel James  1881Illogan, Cornwall, UK I6241 Penarth Ryans 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Trevithick /   1730Illogan, Cornwall, UK F4546 Penarth Ryans