genealogy of the Ryans of Penarth, Wales
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Penarth Ryans' Web Site
Penarth Ryans' Web Site
Privacy Policy
October 30, 2009
Privacy Policy

1. The primary objective in genealogy is to identify all ancestors and descendants in a particular family tree 
and to collect personal information about them. As a minimum, this data includes, as accurately as possible, the individual's 
name and the date/location of birth, marriage, and death.  So that family members who are located throughout the United 
States, Wales  and  the world can share and benefit from this information, 
the Ryan family of Penarth, Wales and their descendants have chosen to publish this information on the web.

2. The PenarthRyans family web site is maintained by a member from these each of these branches of the family: 
Ryan, Tremain, Moran and Cole, collectively referred to as “we” in the following text.  The names of the current 
family “maintainers” are identified on the 
www.penarthryans.org home page.

3. Most of us would prefer not to have to worry about our personal data but, in this day and age, we must use 
caution to prevent misuse of the information. Identity theft and credit fraud are significant problems. There is concern that 
information distributed to distant relatives or put on a genealogy website makes it easier for unscrupulous individuals to 
commit invasions of privacy or other fraud. However, the personal information that identity thieves and credit fraud perpetrators 
want are full names, social security numbers, dates and places of birth, current occupation/employment data, and bank/credit card 
account numbers, information that is not included on this site. One or two 
facts alone (e.g., your name and/or your mother's maiden name) are not enough information to cause damage. 

Names and Relationships

4. Many genealogy programs can suppress the names of living individuals and substitute “living” 
or “still living”. This website is designed so it suppresses the names of living individuals for those visitors 
who do not have a PenarthRyans account. 

5. Only family member who have a log-in and who then log-in to the site will be able to view information about 
living family members.


6. Photographs of living individuals are considered personal data and are normally suppressed; that is they are 
only available to persons with valid site accounts. However, if the individual so chooses, a photograph can be tagged as “
always visible” and would be able to be viewed by anyone visiting the site.  

6a. The submission of a photograph to one of the site maintainers (the Contributors) is considered to be granting 
permission to post the photograph to the 
www.penarthryans.org web site.  On written request to the site administrator from an appropriate family member[s], 
photographs will be removed immediately.   

7. The statement "Used with Permission", which is appended to the photograph's description as presented 
on its web page, identifies compliance with these requirements.  

Personal Data Suppression

8. To insure the privacy of living individuals, our genealogy website always suppresses the personal data of living 
individuals from viewing by the general public; that is those who do not have PenarthRyans web site accounts. Personal data 
includes, but is not limited to: birth/marriage dates/locations, photographs, notes, and biographies.

9. If a relative does not want their personal data to reside in the website's database, in 
spite of password protection, that individual and their linked 
descendants can not be accommodated by the security program. They are reluctantly excluded 
from the website, though an anonymous place marker is retained in the family tree to indicate the presence of a relative. 

Personal Data Access

10. Personal data access is restricted to family members who must log-in to access the normally suppressed personal 
data of living individuals. You must first read the www.penarthryans.org  Privacy 
Policy, agree with the www.penarthryans.org  Terms of Use, and register for a user account. 
When registering for your user account, you must indicate how you are related to our family.  
If you are not related, you will not be granted access, unless you are recommended for an account authorization by one or more family members.

11.  To see the personal data of a spouse's family branch, married users will have to log in with their spouse's 
user name and password. If you consider using your spouse's user ID a security violation, please request a second log-in account.

Personal Data Security

12. By providing original data given to one of us [the site Administrator or any family branch Contributor] in 
trust (personal information, e-mail/street addresses, phone numbers, etc.) you agree that it is permissible to publish that data 
to the www.penarthryans.org 
web site and that the data on living family members is to be made available only to family members, or to guests vouched for 
by family members, who have registered with the site. Although the site has implemented techniques to restrict internet search 
engine activity within the site, you should be aware, however, that most of this information is the public domain and may be readilya 
vailable to others using internet search engines (e.g., Yahoo People Search, Google.com, Birthday.com, etc.).