genealogy of the Ryans of Penarth, Wales
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Welcome to the Ryans of Penarth family pages, a genealogy of the Ryan family of Penarth, Wales, UK. This website is dedicated to documenting the various family trees associated with the families of Milly, Cass, Jane, Nell, Eddie and Jack Ryan.

Please take a few moments to get acquainted with our website.

On the left hand side of the home page you’ll see the Site Menu which is headed with the two principal branches of the Ryan tree. Click either branch and you’ll be taken to a traditional family tree layout through five generations. To view more generations simply click the generations drop down menu.

You now have the option of seeing this tree in different styles, for example in compact layout, as text or if you want more detail try the register option. Click any of the names on the tree and you’ll find a whole page dedicated to that individual, complete with dates, location map, and names of immediate family. We also include, where possible, photos, documents, histories and any other information available. You’ll notice that the page is interactive and will take you to lists of ancestors or descendants.

The Site Menu comprehensively lists the various ways in which the site works. Take a look at the Photo section where you’ll find our oldest photo, probably dated 1875 – John Patrick and Amelia Ryan’s wedding photo - parents of the Penarth Ryans. The Documents section includes some fascinating census reports from the 19th and early 20th centuries plus various certificates of birth, marriage and death, and passenger lists. We also include some newspaper articles. Of particular interest are the various articles in the Histories section, including Mary Ryan Taylor’s “The Ryans of Penarth”, a 90 page document of personal reminiscences of the Penarth Ryans. We also feature some articles that take us back in time into the ‘wild west’ of America 1908 with “Murder in the Gold Fields”, to 1805 and “Trafalgar Tom”; and to Sir Warin Michell, a knight who served in the Third Crusade in the twelfth century!

If you cannot find the person you’d like to see just type the name at the top right of the page.

The website also features a Reports section that shows the information stored on the site in formats, such as ‘Birth place names and family members’.

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Family members are most welcome to apply for an account which enables you to view all family in the database. Visitors to the site will only be able to view family members who are deceased. We are always interested in discovering new family members and we welcome your participation in our Website. If you are a Ryan family member and wish to participate in discovering our shared history, please complete our Register for a New Account page. It is important that you let us know your connection to the family by entering that information in the “Notes or Comments” box on the Register for a New Account page. We will contact you if further information is needed. After being granted access, to insure the safety of our site, please be sure that your username and password are not shared with anyone. We do reserve the right to rescind access to anyone who misuses information gained from the site.

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